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My name is Shawn David Anderson (a.k.a. maestrothirteen), and I’ve been a professional guitarist for over 35 years. I still perform gigs, recording sessions, and product demos, but teaching the guitar has always been one of my highest priorities.

Over the years, I’ve taught thousands of private guitar lessons to students from around the world. Many of these students requested that I reproduce my classroom notes in electronic form so that they could access them online. I created this site for those students, but I encourage anyone interested in the guitar to make use of this information.

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  • Follow along through a complete and comprehensive guitar course from beginner to advanced and beyond.

  • Learn music theory with unique and occasionally humorous explanations.

  • Riffs & Dexterity exercises in TAB and those scary dots!!!

  • Free printable TAB, notation, chord, and scale blanks.Links, apps, forums, chat, gear showcases, and MORE!


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