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I Offer The Following Services:

 Online Lessons– Free lessons are available on this site. For additional riffs, exercises, etc., Visit me at &

Live Performance- From soft Classical incidental music to REALLY LOUD Electric guitar, I’ve backed artists from every conceivable genre. If you need a pro accompaniment (solo or with a band), Contact Me directly.

Studio Work– I also work as a “hired gun” in the recording studio performing any style. Contact Me directly for your next project.

Product Demonstrations– I’ve demonstrated gear for major companies like B.C. Rich, ESP, Hughes & Kettner, C. F. Martin, Blunt Instrument, Chrome Dome Audio, Steve Clayton, DR Strings, Awesome Electronics, Dmara guitars, Tsunami Cables and Omega custom enclosures to name a few. If you would like me to demo your musical product, Contact Me directly.

Guitar Consultation– For articles, interviews, designs, demos, film, Computer programs, apps, video games, gear purchases, etc. Contact Me directly.