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I consider myself fortunate to be sponsored by some of the BEST companies in the business.

Do yourself a favor and check them out!


Adam White (the heart and soul of Chrome Dome Audio Amplification) is a tube amp visionary. I’ve never seen some of the features that his amps offer…


Best of all, these features are musical! Every setting is truly inspiring.



Visit the website:

****Chrome Dome Audio is now the exclusive worldwide distributor for Stephens Amplification!!!



Clayton USA

I am so stoked to be counted among the official endorsees of Clayton, Inc.

I’ve used their picks and accessories since I began playing music. As a kid, I remember asking my mom to stop by the local music store after work to pick me up some guitar picks. “What kind?” she would ask.

“The ones with the bird on them.”

I’d reply.

Here we are years later and I’m still using the “bird” picks. The only difference is now they have my “13” logo on them and they glow in the dark!!! Way Cool…


Check out their entire line of fine musical products at their website:



Welcome my latest sponsor!!! They make GREAT strings, and their website makes me laugh..Visit the website:



Nat Swarm is the creative designer behind Blunt Instrument. Nat, Doug Gout, and I designed the first Blunt prototype in “08. I’ve received several other custom guitars from him over the years.

Nat may be eccentric (and smell like Otto’s jacket), but he’s still the BEST Jamaican luthier in Cincinnati!!!

*All of my Blunt Instruments are maintained by Doug Frye (the BEST NON-Jamaican luthier in Cincinnati) at:



Recently, I was introduced to a gentleman who claimed to have invented “the greatest innovation to hit the guitar since Les Paul created the ‘Log'”. With a claim like that, I knew I had to check it out.

The invention in question is the amazing PICKUP TONE MULTIPLIERtm switching system. A handful of mini switches gives you an unbelievable amount of pickup options. Many of these tones you have never heard or dreamt possible! Doug “The Hammer” Frye installed a TCP-T4 unit in my Dual humbucker Blunt Teletm, now I have 6 switches that give me an astounding 68 different pickup sounds!!! I was floored!!!


I will put these in EVERY guitar I own from now on!!! You’ll be as blown away as I was…

Check out his website: