About Free Online Guitar Lessons

The site originally started as an informational resource for my private guitar lessons, but as more and more net surfers found it, additional content was added.

But as the site increases in size, so does the overhead. Countless hours of writing and web design (not to mention web hosting and other out of pocket expenses) are currently coming directly from my teaching income. Any financial consideration will allow the site to continue and expand. This site exists thanks to the generous donors who make it possible.

This site is absolutely FREE with “no strings attached”. But if you find yourself returning to the site frequently, please consider making a contribution. Think about it, my private lessons indirectly “paid it forward” by making this site available to everyone.  Please consider returning the favor.

*Contributors are also allowed to suggest future video/lesson topics. This has proven especially helpful for players that can’t find answers for their specific questions on other sites.

Thanks again for stopping by!  Feel free to email me with any comments. Now go tune up…

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***Attention Corporate sponsors!!!

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